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Welcome to the Tim and Victor Website!

It's all about Tim, Victor, Nonna, and Blanche.

And lots of memories of Cybil Shepherd.


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About Tim and Victor...

It started with an email.

Victor is an east coast boy, Tim is a west coast boy. We both had a mutual friend who thought we should get together. We did. And 20 years later, we're still going strong.

We started out on the west coast and moved east in 2001. We added Cybil Shepherd to the family in 2003, and Nonna – Victor's mom – in 2013. Cybil left us in January 2015 and Blanche joined us in February.

We're left-wing Liberal, opinionated, food-loving, fun-loving guys who love to travel and also love a relatively quiet time at home.

And totally ready to retire. If only...

And then there was the New York Times.

On May 2, 2010, A Moment in Time was born. Thousands of photographs were taken all at the same time. The photo at left is our contribution. What's neat is that our photo has been one of the most-viewed world-wide. Not bad for a couple of guys in the Philadelphia suburbs!