I Won The Whole Magilla!

This is pretty exciting! It seems I have won EVERYTHING!

Millions of dollars, a new Mercedes, free gas for years…

The List Goes On and On!

Just how lucky can one boy be?

“Mega millions your call is being monitored and recorded for quality purposes.

First and foremost the mega millions is pleased to officially announce you are the grand prize winner in the $100 million golden harvest sweepstakes giveaway sponsored by publishers clearing house, readers digest, and the multistate lottery association.

As the grand prize winner and you’ll be awarded with a total cash price of $18,500,000 along with the most awesome bonus prize ever $7000 each and every week for life and a brand new Mercedes-Benz with five years warranty, 36 month free auto insurance, and a gas card which will allow you gas free of cost for up to 36 months.

Congratulations! Your claim code is 85647PCH again that’s 85647PCH. The mega millions has made all the necessary arrangements in order for you to receive your prize.

Your funds are currently being held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Please note US federal laws require that your prize information is kept strictly confidential from third-party. This is to prevent unauthorized access to your funds and abuse of our system.

All questions should be directed to your account manager.

We are delighted to host your delivery at the earliest time of your convenience. To speak with an agent please call our prize patrol office at 833-856-2449. I repeat 833-856-2449.

Our agents are ready and waiting to assist with the preparation of your delivery.

There will be an immediate payment of which is needed for the releasing of your prize’

Please call our prize patrol office at 833-856-2449 again 833-856-2449.

Congratulations. Please give us a call to be connected to an agent with your claim code 85647PCH in order to claim your prize.

All fees are required on receiving your prize we are looking forward for your call.

Thank you…”