Before - Welcome to 1980

The bathroom space is roughly 14′ x 7′. Not a small room, but it was laid out with a very worthless design.

First was the jacuzzi tub, set at an angle on a platform. The term ‘awkward’ is an understatement. The second worthless feature was the stall shower at the opposite end. It was the size of a 1940s phone booth – but not as comfortable – and impossible to keep clean.

The entire room looked like it was put together by a handyman – not a carpenter. We’re pretty sure it’s not original to the house.

It was definitely time to see it go.

Day One

Monday, Day One – Destruction Day. It’s out with the old.

The crew took no time at all to get the room stripped. A couple of gaping holes in the floor and a need for drywall, but the space looks huge all of a sudden!

Day Two

Tuesday, Day Two – The Design takes shape.

The drywall goes up and the shower starts taking shape. Good-bye to the functionless bathtub and hello to a functional walk-in shower. We went doorless – no glass to try and keep clean – and a nice-sized bench.

Old plumbing and electricity removed. New flooring is in place. It’s starting to become real!

Day Three

Wednesday, Day Three – It’s beginning to look a lot like a bathroom!

The shower is almost complete, the vanity is in place, the new linen cabinet is anchored to the wall. Workers are now waiting on the drywall sub.

There is no Day Four. Grrrrrr...

Thursday – Day Four. Someone screwed up.

Contractors can’t do anything until the drywall is completed, and the drywall sub isn’t scheduled until after noon.

It’s also noted that the shelves are wrong and the company never ordered the cap for the shower wall. We’re not pleased.

They leave. Drywall guy arrives and realizes he has a lot more work to do than was explained to him. He works until after 6pm, but can’t get it done in one night. He says he’ll be back at 7:30am.

Day Five

Friday, Day Five. Lots of yelling.

Drywaller is here at 7:30am. The dude is a craftsman and doing quality work. He can’t quite match the texture of the old walls, so he does a spray texture over everything for it to match seamlessly.

He’s finished and cleaned up by 10. The plumber shows up to install the sink and toilet – except there’s no sink or toilet for him to install. He calls his office and they say no one was scheduled from the construction company because the drywall guy was late, so he’ll be back on Monday.

We go ballistic.

It should be noted that we contracted for this in August for an October installation. In October they blamed “Supply Chain” issues and pushed it to November. In November, it became December. In December, it became the holidays and the need for a 5-day installation. They didn’t want to leave us without a bathroom over a weekend, so they talked us into January.

Suddenly, it’s January and they’re leaving us without a bathroom over a weekend.

After a rather forceful phone call to the company, a miracle appeared. Our contractors and project manager were at our door – complete with toilet and sink, another plumber arrived, and, in just a few hours, almost everything was completed. The shelves and wall cap will arrive and be installed January 30th, and they will then get their final check.

Painter will be here Tuesday and Wednesday we will bring in the pictures and other decorative pieces.


The [almost] finished product!


We have a towel rack ordered – will be here Saturday.

We found it amazing that none of the home stores around us – from Target to Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Goods, et al, had a 36″ oiled bronze towel rack in stock. Everyone could order us one and we could get it in a week to 10 days or so.

We went to Amazon.

And they wonder why in-store sales are down…


The standing towel holder works until we get our new one.

The rest of the room has come out great. It’s really colorful, lots of fun, and just what we dreamed it would be.

Contractor will be back on Jan 30th for the final-final.

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