The Christmas Missives


Christmas 2001

We decided we wanted to make our own Christmas Cards this year—something special and not store-bought, ya know??? Talk about a doomed project from the start!

We took pictures of the house all lit up for Christmas and none came out.  The one on the cover was the best one…  Then, the printer decided it didn’t want to accept the thick card paper.  After an exhaustive search on the Hewlett Packard web site, we finally figured out the rollers need cleaning!   Naturally, HP is out of the cleaner paper, as is every computer store for miles around… We transferred the card to our other computer and printer—a much slower printer—and printed.  And Printed.  And Printed.  We addressed and stamped all of the envelopes while we were waiting.  Finally, they were done!  We divvied them up to start writing festive holiday notes and noticed we had misspelled Christmas!!!  Talk about totally disgusted!  After throwing them all in the trash, we decided waaaaaay too much time and effort had gone into this project, so, in the true meaning of Christmas—–we fished them out of the trash and are sending them out, anyway!!!  We decided to include this little note just to let you know how much trouble we went through to wish you a personal Happy Holiday!

So—Happy Holidays!!  And next year, expect a store-bought card!!!