The Front

The pictures show the evolution of the yard, starting with the original realtor pictures.

The property is on a slope, and, at one point, a two-level deck was built at the top. Sadly, it was rotting.

At the other end, near the house, was a pea gravel seating area and a short fence, separating the front yard from the rear – in front of our storage shed.

The first thing we did was remove the deck and build raised planters for our vegetable garden.

The newest addition was the removal of the small fence and building an actual patio and seating area.

We also removed a small maple tree near the walkway that was under the main tree. It was blocking the walkway and taking away from the larger tree.

The Back

We referred to the back as the Upper back and the Lower back.

The Upper back was hidden by a forest of decorative grass. Behind it was barren landscape – and weeds.

The Lower yard was a slate patio, and some pretty invasive plants, a small grass area, and the side yard was a jumble of weeds encroaching on the A/C unit we had installed.

We pulled just about everything out and created a rock garden in the upper area and bark dust in the lower.

We kept a few established plants, but, for the most part, the back will be low-maintenance container plants that can survive the 4 seasons.